Owed wages or bonus?


Denied a bonus?

Then you need to know whether or not your are entitled to insist upon it being paid.

Other issues might also arise as a consequence, depending on the reaction of your employer. If your bonus is guaranteed, then you might be able to succeed in debt-recovery action. A lot depends on the wording of the bonus scheme itself.

If your bonus is discretionary in terms of: (i) whether it is paid to you at all; and/or (ii) the sum that might be paid to you, then the position is different. You may still be able to argue that your employer has exercised any such discretion in bad faith or in a way which has discriminated against you. In such cases, it is often possible to win claims or achieve a negotiated settlement of your bonus entitlement.

We will look at your precise circumstances for you and advise you on your legal position, for a low fixed fee. We can also enter into discussions and negotiations with your employer on your behalf. If you have been unfairly dismissed or if this has the potential to grow into a constructive dismissal claim, we can advise you on your rights. Note however that strict time limits apply to such claims (of just short of three months), so call us as soon as possible.

Owed wages or other payments?

You may well need to ask for your employer again for them, stating the basis for your entitlement to those monies. If you receive no adequate response, you could:

  • issue a claim for unlawful deduction from wages; and/or
  • consider a claim for constructive dismissal.

Note however that strict time limits apply to such claims (of just short of three months), so call us as soon as possible.

So what can we do for you?

We can offer a fixed fee service which includes meeting you and includes reading all your documents. Where your documents amount to a ringbinder or so, we can do all of this for a fixed fee of between £200 – £500 + VAT.

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