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When the terms of your contract of employment are breached, work life can suddenly become stressful and challenging.

Your contract of employment and the company’s general employee handbook (if any) will form the basis of your contractual relationship with your employer. These rights will be in addition to the statutory rights that you have as an employee, as well as any verbal agreements you may have had with your employer.

Your employer breaches your contract of employment if they do not adhere to specific terms set out in it. Some examples of where your contract may have been breached include:

  • Not receiving a bonus where you are specifically entitled to one.
  • Not receiving payment in lieu of notice following a dismissal or resignation.
  • Your employer not following the disciplinary or grievance procedures as they are supposed to when you raised a complaint.

Your employer is generally not permitted to change the terms of employment without your agreement. If your employer does breach any of the terms of your employment, speak to one of our employment solicitors to see if you could be entitled to compensation.

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