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The law around employment regulations is rarely straightforward, so having the issues spelt out through clear advice helps.

Clarity is our goal. We know our clients want practical solutions, not legal lectures. We deliver straightforward, unambiguous advice, coupled with clear recommendations, aimed at keeping your business moving forward.

Often, we work alongside clients as an outsourced HR resource, advising when needed and can do so on a retainer basis. We are only interested in charging for the value that we add.

Sometimes you’ll be involved in major projects, such as redundancy or outsourcing exercises. Our extensive experience means we deliver efficiently, accurately and on time.

We offer diagrams to explain the process, roll-out programmes, scripts to use at employee meetings and experienced draftsmen to deal with the warranties and indemnities that might be needed.

When it comes to disputes, our heavyweight litigators are experienced advocates, used to acting for companies and will fight to preserve your interests. Your lawyers not only need to be sharp advocates with an eye for detail and an absolute understanding of the law, but also good organisers who are capable of scheduling Tribunal tasks to fit in with company deadlines. Our systems are so streamlined that we are able to offer fixed fees in relation to most cases.

Overall, our aim is to get business done – despite the obstacles and distractions often in the way. Sometimes that will involve taking on risk, sometimes you will want to ensure that the risk is minimised.

That’s why you need commercially minded lawyers who’ll help you see things in black & white.

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For initial advice or to arrange a meeting with one of our team, please email or contact 020 7631 4141 and ask to speak to the Employment team.

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