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Still Employed

If you have been accused of competing or are in the process of preparing to compete, you should instruct a lawyer as soon as possible, as you could face disciplinary sanctions and/or dismissal. Alternatively, you may face a High Court injunction.

You may have already signed undertakings which may go well beyond the promises you made (if any) in your contract of employment.

We can advise you of the extent of your employer’s rights in this situation, what would be involved in a High Court claim and what your options are in terms of any undertakings. It may be that you have been acting entirely within your rights.

We can also help prepare a strategy for dealing with any disciplinary procedures you may now face.


Is your employer threatening you with an injunction on the basis that you are competing with it in breach of the terms of your past contract of employment?

Are you being asked to sign undertakings which could damage your new business and/or which go well beyond the scope of the terms of your past contract?

We can assist you.

We can first assess and advise you on how real the threat is. We can then examine to what extent you are allegedly competing with your former employer before examining the scope of any contractual restrictions that you are under. It may be that your employer is making allegations in respect of rights it does not have.

Alternatively, where it appears that there is an issue, we can help advise on the scope of any undertakings that you might consider giving.

Being Sued

We have successfully defended actions against individuals on multiple occasions.

We have a growing reputation in the market to punch well above our weight. Indeed we have been placed on a magic-circle conflict panel as a result of our performance in a recent high-court case brought by a well-known international bank.

Accused Of Competing Solicitors