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About To Be Made Redundant?

We advise you on the process, so that you know if your rights are being breached. We use diagrams to make things easy to understand.

We can help you intelligently challenge the business rationale for the redundancy decision – and any decision to place you in a particular pool for selection.

We can also advise you on how to challenge unfavourable scoring so that it actually makes a difference.

Where it appears that you will be selected regardless, we can help with strategies for trying to maximise any payment made to you.

We can do all of this for a low fixed fee.

Been Made Redundant?

We offer fixed-fee help and can advise you whether you are ‘in time’ to make a claim.

We assess whether your claim is limited to one of unfair dismissal (arising out of redundancy) or whether you have further claims in respect of other rights that your employer might have breached. Using an experienced, trained lawyer to do this best ensures that you don’t ‘miss out’ on claims you should have brought.

We advise you on your chances of succeeding in your claim (before you invest further time and money).

We help you work out the basis of your claim in law and then draft your pleadings accordingly. This approach has the following advantages:

  • it helps the Tribunal understand why it should find in your favour, which improves your chances of success
  • it helps your employer – and its lawyers – understand that you should be taken seriously, which often improves your chances of settling the claim early
  • it reduces the need for you to have to ‘plead out’ your case in law at a Case Management Hearing later on.

We then advise you on whether your chances of winning the claim have changed, bearing in mind the content of the ET3 defence received. We also go on to advise you on tactical steps you can take in the preparation of your case to best ensure that you win it.

We then offer our trained tribunal lawyer-advocates to present your case for you.

Redundancy Solicitors