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If you have been offered a severance agreement in return for a promise not to pursue a potential claim against your company or organisation we can help.

You will have been asked to see a solicitor because this is a legal requirement for the compromise agreement to be enforceable.

We are expert employment lawyers, who offer a discrete service helping select employees to conclude these kind of agreements, by negotiation where necessary.

We have central London offices with easy tube access. Alternatively we can advise over the telephone or come and meet you. We will come back to you on your enquiry usually within 30 minutes and certainly within 3 hours.


Take a moment to think about your options.

You can take the deal being offered, as it’s put in the compromise agreement. Is this your only option? Can more be negotiated on your behalf? What are the consequences of trying to negotiate more? Should you be suing instead?

Are you being exited? Do you have the option of staying? Can a solution be worked out along those lines? What would be the consequences of trying to stay? If not, what about your reference? Can you influence what is said about you when you’ve gone? Are you being given money because you have been discriminated against? Is it the right amount? What is being done to make sure it won’t happen again?

We can discuss this when we meet you, but it may be useful to give this some thought now.

Is there a time limit for accepting the offer? You need advice quickly before it runs out. Make an appointment now, or call us to organise an immediate telephone conference or skype appointment.


Check that your lawyer will keep his/her fees within the amount that your employer has agreed to contribute. If you instruct us, we will keep our fees for meeting you and advising you on the content of the agreement to £350 – £500 plus VAT. This is paid by your employer if you accept the deal (or any modified deal, after negotiation). Other lawyers refuse to make this sort of promise.


We will advise you as to whether you are getting a good deal or not. We will also guide you on whether you might be able to get more; and explain the risks which arise in negotiation – so that you remain in control of the process.

You will need to take a decision as to what approach to take before the offer expires or is withdrawn. You also need to understand the consequences of (effectively) rejecting an offer and making a counter-offer.

We will help you with this.

Employment Settlement Agreements Services

We offer a quality service designed to help you evaluate whether you are getting a good deal.

We set out all the options open to you. We provide diagrams where this becomes complicated.

We help you understand the risks involved in negotiating. We help you negotiate clauses where necessary.

We understand that some clients are more used to dealing with these types of agreement than others. We tailor our advice accordingly.

Employment Settlement Agreements Solicitors