Bishop & Sewell

In the case of disputes, you need lawyers who not only specialise in Employment law, but who are also used to acting for companies.

Your lawyers not only need to be sharp advocates with an eye for detail and an absolute understanding of the law, but also good organisers who are capable of scheduling Tribunal tasks to fit in with company deadlines. Which is, of course, exactly what we offer, but that’s not all.

Trained Tribunal Advocates

Training makes a difference. Lawyers that are prepared to conduct the case at hearing leave nothing to chance when preparing a case. Their ability to sense what a Tribunal will demand of you or your witnesses is greatly heightened. This means you get a sharper lawyer and a better prepared case.


It is quite true to say that many employment tribunal cases settle, often on commercial grounds. What distinguishes our lawyers is their experience in seeing cases to the very end, personally. This experience has been gained when acting for NHS clients, where it is often not possible to settle cases due to Department of Health policy restrictions. This means that you really are getting the benefit of properly experienced advocates who have actually ‘been there’.

Efficient & Commercially-minded

We only offer trained advocates with over 7 years’ plus experience of litigating Tribunal cases. Their experience has bred efficiency and as a result, we are able to offer fixed fees in relation to most cases. Our systems are so streamlined that we can even work with you to choose what elements of the work you might choose to undertake yourself.

At the same time, our lawyers are alive to the commercial aspects of litigation. Such as cost and reputation-management. It’s why one of the first things we do upon instruction is to undertake a commercial review of the litigation and present a short strategy note.

This helps you to identify you litigation goal (fight or settle), by going through issues such as: the percentage chance of successfully defending the claim; the realistic financial exposure if you lost; likely legal costs; settlement options and recommended settlement sum if that were a consideration. In doing so, we keep you in commercial control at all times.

Tribunal Claims Solicitors