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Not everyone manages or is able to conceive, and they and same sex couples may choose different options to create their family. Issues around forming families can be difficult, but they need not be onerous. We provide constructive and pragmatic advice in a supportive way.

We have a specialist forming families team and can help advise on:

Victoria Maxwell of the Forming Families team is recommended in legal directories as “Extremely knowledgeable and experienced in complicated international surrogacy cases. She has vast experience dealing with other aspects of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008. She is forensic in her analysis when it comes to dealing with difficult cases”

She has been described as “exceptional” and “a natural in dealing with complex international surrogacy cases”

The team also take a presence at relevant industry shows including The Fertility Show at London Olympia. Victoria Maxwell has presented seminars about the legal complexities of international surrogacy at conferences in the Fertility sector. We aim to provide clear and practical advice in a supportive and accessible way. When looking for help with fertility issues, it can be a daunting task and so we aim to help people make informed decisions.

You can also find us listed on the Donor Conception Network’s Lawyers Supporters scheme.

We have a strong track record in achieving the best results for our clients. While every case is unique, all share one common feature – the need for sound advice and careful guidance.

Whatever the issue, there is a solution to help you & your family.

International Issues

Increasingly, intended parents are entering into arrangements with surrogates outside the UK. The issues surrounding surrogacy arrangements in the UK also apply to international surrogacy arrangements but the international element raises many further complications. The primary one is getting the child back into the UK after the birth.

Our International Surrogacy page provides a more detailed list of the issues you need to consider but key concerns include:

  • Issues surrounding nationality;
  • Whether the child needs a visa to enter the UK;
  • Different approaches overseas to the commercialisation of surrogacy – in many countries, payments beyond “reasonable” expenses are legal and required;
  • The fact that a surrogacy arrangement might be enforceable abroad but not in the UK; and
  • Differences between countries about who is treated as the legal parent following the birth of a child via surrogacy (in some, for example, the intended parents are automatically the child’s legal parents).

How We Can Help

  • Advise on the legal complexities of international surrogacy including legal parentage;
  • Represent intended parents in proceedings for a Parental Order;
  • Offer specialist advice during a joint consultation with an immigration specialist to advise on your child’s nationality and immigration position undeUK law and how to
  • bring your baby back to the UK;

Next Steps

For initial legal advice on the surrogacy process, or to arrange a meeting with one of our team to discuss your legal requirements in undertaking international surrogacy, please email or contact 0207 091 2707 and ask to speak to our Forming Families team.

Important: Please be aware that Bishop & Sewell is not a Surrogacy Agent nor are we able to facilitate surrogacy arrangements for would-be parents or surrogate mothers.

Forming Families Solicitors

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