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When parents separate, children are affected in many ways.

As a parent, you will need to discuss and consider many issues, including how the children will share their time between you. There may be important decisions to make, such as where your children should go to school, their medical treatment and religious upbringing.

Our expert children law team can guide you through the process and help parents resolve issues, and clarify arrangements as swiftly and amicably as possible.

Where parents cannot agree, the court should rarely be the first port of call. Judges can only impose a fixed order and families usually need flexibility. Mediation is often the best approach, as it enables parents to sit down with a neutral mediator, each explain their position and concerns and come to an agreement that works for them and their children. It is much easier to go back to a mediator if future issues arise that cannot easily be agreed.

When an agreement cannot be reached, it may be necessary to issue an application to the court for a judge to make an order and we will support you through that process.

We are able to refer you to other experts, including child psychologists, family therapists, and parenting class providers, who can assist parents in managing the separation and its effect on children. Any parent can find it very difficult to manage the stresses of family breakdown and can benefit enormously from extra support.

We constantly strive to build enduring relationships with the individuals and organisations with whom we work. Our culture and approach is to be as friendly, helpful and hassle-free as possible. Wherever possible, we seek to resolve cases outside of the court process, but if court is unavoidable, we will act robustly in your best interests.

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