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One of the consequences of a divorce is having to separate family assets and consider whether there should be any ongoing financial commitments. It is often the trickiest aspect of a marriage breakdown to resolve and the resolution has to be tailored to each family’s situation.  Finding the right solution is rarely straightforward but our expert divorce lawyers can help – and we are highly experienced in negotiating financial claims on divorce (including pensions and business assets), including complex and high net worth cases.

Not all cases involve going to court and it is often possible to reach a settlement without having to issue court proceedings, and even in cases where proceedings are issued, the majority do not proceed all the way to trial.

However, as marriage breakdown heightens tension and can create mistrust, we aim to find the most appropriate method to reach a resolution. That does not necessarily mean litigation and may involve alternative methods of dispute resolution. Sometimes an early settlement can be reached, but that is not always possible where finances are complex and need to be investigated, or people have entrenched views. Whether matters are resolved quickly or take longer, we provide advice, guidance and support every step of the way.

Contact our Divorce Team

For initial advice or to arrange a meeting with one of our team, please email or contact 020 7631 4141 and ask to speak to our Family team.

How our expert divorce lawyers can help:

Identify appropriate methods of dispute resolution.

Advise in relation to the financial disclosure process, the consequences of not providing full and frank disclosure and what steps should be taken if the other party is not cooperating with the disclosure process.

Consider with you whether to issue a court application.

Prepare, draft and exchange financial statements and documents.

Represent you in any application for urgent orders, to preserve assets or evidence.

Help negotiate a settlement.

Represent you in the court proceedings from commencement through to trial.

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