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Following on from our webinar Leasehold Question Time ‘the Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill – an update,’ Mark Chick gives some thoughts on this event.

‘It was great to have so many questions to deal with during yesterday’s session. We are now entering a critical phase for the Bill with the select committee during next week and also several tabled amendments including a possible ban on forfeiture for residential leases.

Chris and I enjoyed dealing with viewers’ questions and with so much going on it was good to take stock of the Bill’s provisions and give consideration to what these will mean in practice if the Bill is enacted as it stands now.

For people looking to enfranchise, the questions remain the same – is it time to move now, or should they wait? As we said in the webinar, this is very much a fact and person specific question as it depends on circumstances, and also – crucially – timing.‘

If you missed the webinar, it is available to watch OnDemand here; previous episodes of our Leasehold Question Time and other B&S webinars are available here.

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Category: Webinars | Date: 12th Jan 2024

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