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Mark Chick recently recorded a podcast with LEASE the Leasehold Advisory Service about how to buy the freehold of a long leasehold house under the Leasehold Reform Act 1967.

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If you own your house under a long lease and have been the registered owner for at least two years, then it is very likely that you qualify for the right to purchase the freehold of your leasehold house. There has been some recent comment on long leasehold houses in the press, particularly in relation to new build developments. In particular see the article that appeared recently on the Daily Mail.

ALEP director Andrew Pridell commented in relation to this and Mark Chick provided some technical input.

leasehold house

If you own a long leasehold house and would like to know more about buying the freehold then contact our award winning Landlord & Tenant team then email Alternatively, you can telephone 020 7631 4141 and ask to speak to Chris Macartney or Mark Chick in the first instance.

Mark Chick Senior Partner   +44 (0)20 7079 2415

Category: Blog, News | Date: 22nd Jun 2015

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