Commercial Property


Possession is nine-tenths of the law goes the old saying. If only it were that easy…the reality is that property transactions can quickly become complicated, and particularly so where commercial property is concerned.

The commercial property arena may be a confusing labyrinth to many. Fortunately not to us.

Bishop and Sewell LLP’s commercial property team boasts a wide range of experience in all types of property transactions. The properties concerned have been everything from offices to flats via industrial estates, hotels, leisure, retail and mixed use properties to bare land and development sites.

Our client profile is equally as diverse, comprising individuals, family businesses, companies, owner / occupiers, investors, developers, banks and pension trustees.

Our lawyers have particular expertise in managing development work, including option agreements and conditional contracts. Planning issues, collateral warranties and other construction matters are other areas of speciality that set us so far ahead of our competitors.

In collaboration with our specialist Litigation and Dispute Resolution and Landlord and Tenant colleagues, we are one of the few practices that can truly offer clients a complete one-stop property service.

How can we help?

  • By advising and acting on the acquisition or disposal of all types of property, whether for investors or occupiers
  • By advising in relation to property finance
  • By advising in relation to “new build” properties
  • By advising on and acting upon, auction sales and purchases
  • By negotiating the grant or renewal of commercial leases
  • By managing landlord and tenant issues that arise in existing residential and commercial leases
  • By advising on all aspects of property and estate management
  • By advising in relation to, and acting on, the acquisition or disposal of businesses
  • By helping you engage with dispute resolution to resolve issues that arise in relation to any of the above
  • By advising in relation to the ownership and use of any relevant basement or vault

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Who to contact

For more information the following lawyers will be able to help with Commercial Property.

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