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Leaseholder’s pet treated ‘ruff-ly’ – management company forces leaseholder to remove dog from their flat

The High Court has upheld an injunction demanding the removal of a Leaseholder’s pet, in this case a Yorkshire/Maltese terrier called ‘Vinnie’, from their leasehold flat. The story has captured the attention of the national and local press as it is one of the few times that a “no pets clause” in a residential lease… Read more »

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Domestic abuse – what is it?

We are all accustomed to thinking of physical abuse when the term domestic violence is used. The stereotypical black eye comes to mind, but since 2015 the definition of domestic abuse has been expanded for the first time, criminalising non-physical abuse which so often occurs in the domestic setting. This criminal offence recognises psychological and… Read more »

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Court of Appeal rejects Mundy Appeal

The much awaited decision of the Court Of Appeal in the case of Adrian Howard Mundy v The Trustees of the Sloane Stanley Estate [2018] EWCA Civ 35 the so-called ‘Mundy case’ was handed down yesterday. The outcome was a rejection of the application for leave to appeal the decision of the Upper Tribunal which… Read more »

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Unreasonable insurance premiums?

Many a dispute arises between a landlord and tenant in the course of a tenancy, but probably none more so than those concerning service charge costs. Disputes in this area have kept the Property Tribunals especially busy and the recent Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) decision in the case of Cos Services Ltd -v- Nicholson &… Read more »

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The GDPR – five steps to compliance

  If a client asks how you’re complying with GDPR, there are a few easy steps you can take … download our latest article for our five steps to compliance. The GDPR – five steps to compliance PDF For further information on this topic, or GDPR matters more widely, please contact Andrew Humphrey on or call… Read more »

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A less painful divorce

The first weeks of January are fabled to be the busiest time of the year for family lawyers with new enquiries flooding in. The reality is that divorce is never a step that is taken lightly and just because you may have had an awful Christmas with your spouse doesn’t put getting divorced to the top… Read more »

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Business Lease Renewals are heading for the tribunal

  Under a pilot scheme recently announced, the First Tier Tribunal of the Property Chamber (formerly known as the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal) is going to hear cases relating to the renewal of business tenancies. The pilot scheme was initially scheduled to run for one year from 1 December 2017. HMCTS has advised us that the… Read more »

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