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If your service charge bill doesn’t look right – we’re here to help.

Three important things you should know:

  1. Your lease is the first place to look if you have concerns about the validity of your service charge bill. It sets out the obligations of both the Landlord and Tenant, including how and what can be charged to you by the Landlord as service charges.
  2. Your service charge bill must be in compliance with both your lease and the statutory rules.
  3. As a Tenant, you have specific rights, such as the right to be consulted about any proposed works and charges if the proposed cost is more than £250 per item, per flat (or £100 per year if the work lasts longer than 12 months). There is a formal notice the Landlord must serve before major work is carried out.

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How Our Property Solicitors Can Help

Consider the validity of any demands for payment or consultation notices

Help you establish the best course of action

Assist with resolving the matter without the need for proceedings

Deal with issuing, preparation and representation at a tribunal hearing if necessary

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