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If you believe your Landlord is missing (they cannot be located, or are not contactable), there are a few important things you should know.

It might seem like a blessing, not paying service charges or having a Freeholder to answer to, however you must consider the obligations of the Freeholder under your leasehold agreement. For example, the Freeholder is usually (although not always) responsible for your building’s insurance or other maintenance issues.

Having an absentee Landlord can also adversely affect the saleability of your property, as many lenders will not finance the purchase of a leasehold property with a missing Landlord.

Lease Purchase Or Extension

When your Landlord is absent, you can still extend your lease or buy your freehold by applying to the County Court along with other leaseholders in the block. We provide a comprehensive, staged-fee service to make this application and its subsequent actions on your behalf.

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