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How to avoid an unnecessary dispute with your neighbour

Your neighbour might have approached you, or you’d like to approach them to discuss the boundary between your properties. Whether it’s the placing of a new fence, a garage or shed, or even just some stray tree branches – boundary disputes are a common cause for concern among homeowners.

Nobody wants to be in an ongoing or drawn-out dispute with their neighbour. That’s why we firmly believe in prompt action and resolution through negotiation, wherever possible.

What are your options?

When both parties jointly instruct an expert surveyor to examine the disputed area and provide a professional opinion with which both agree, this is an Expert Determination. It can be the perfect solution, if both parties agree to this option.

Where the dispute can mean a difference of larger sums of money, it is wise to take professional advice, both legal and from an experienced boundary dispute specialist surveyor – our team can make a recommendation if needed. From there a Mediation can be carried out, whereby a neutral third party facilitates a discussion between the parties to try to reach an agreement.

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We’ll help you get it resolved

In the case of Expert Determination, we can

  • carefully draw up an agreement between the parties
  • ensure that the determination is both binding on the parties and enforceable in court
  • swiftly complete your boundary change

Where Mediation occurs, we can

  • prepare your paperwork
  • advocate your case
  • promote your proposals for settlement and record any agreement

In all dealings, we provide our extensive expertise and specialised advice at every step.

Occasionally, cases do proceed to Court and we have a wealth of experience in preparation, proceedings and representing our clients with a practical approach in Court.

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