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In the fast-paced and lucrative world of professional football, agents play a vital role in negotiating contracts, securing endorsements, and managing the overall careers of players. These power brokers are instrumental in ensuring their clients receive the best possible deals, both on and off the field, writes David Little, a Partner in our Commercial department who increasingly handles Sports Law cases too.

While the earning potential of professional footballers often grabs headlines, it’s important not to overlook the significant financial gains enjoyed by their representatives. In this blog, we delve into the fascinating realm of football’s highest-earning agents.

Jorge Mendes

Topping the list is Portuguese super-agent Jorge Mendes, whose client roster reads like a who’s who of world football. Representing global icons such as Cristiano Ronaldo and José Mourinho, Mendes has earned a reputation for his shrewd negotiating skills and ability to strike lucrative deals. His agency, Gestifute, boasts an impressive portfolio of talent and has secured numerous multi-million-dollar transfers, elevating Mendes to the pinnacle of football agents’ earnings.

Mino Raiola

Italian-born Mino Raiola has carved a niche for himself as one of the most influential agents in the football industry. Known for his fearless and outspoken nature, Raiola represents some of the game’s biggest stars, including Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba. Raiola’s aggressive negotiation tactics and ability to orchestrate high-profile transfers have undoubtedly contributed to his position among the highest-earning agents.

Jonathan Barnett

As the founder of Stellar Group, Jonathan Barnett has established himself as a key player in the realm of Premier League representation. Barnett’s list of clients includes Gareth Bale, Luke Shaw, and Jack Grealish. His agency’s success in securing substantial endorsement deals, along with navigating significant transfers, has propelled Barnett to the upper echelons of football’s financial ladder.

Pini Zahavi

Israeli-born Pini Zahavi has been a prominent figure in the world of football agents for decades. Zahavi has facilitated some of the most significant transfer deals in history, brokering moves for stars like Neymar and Rio Ferdinand. His extensive network and ability to navigate complex negotiations have undoubtedly contributed to his substantial earnings and reputation in the industry.

Kia Joorabchian

Known for his involvement in high-profile transfers, Iranian-born Kia Joorabchian has made a name for himself as a successful agent. Joorabchian has been instrumental in securing deals for players like Carlos Tevez, Javier Mascherano, and Philippe Coutinho. His understanding of the global market and ability to generate substantial wealth for his clients has propelled him into the upper ranks of agents’ earnings.

While footballers command substantial salaries and lucrative endorsement deals, their agents play a pivotal role in negotiating these contracts and maximizing their clients’ earning potential. The highest-earning agents in football, such as Jorge Mendes, Mino Raiola, Jonathan Barnett, Pini Zahavi, and Kia Joorabchian, have become household names in their own right, thanks to their ability to secure multimillion-dollar transfers and endorsement deals for their clients.

These agents possess a unique set of skills, including strong negotiation tactics, extensive networks, and an understanding of the ever-evolving football market. Their ability to navigate complex contractual agreements, broker high-profile transfers, and secure lucrative sponsorship and endorsement deals is essential in shaping the careers and financial success of their clients.

As the world of professional football continues to grow and generate staggering amounts of revenue, it is no surprise that agents play a crucial role in these financial transactions. With their expertise and business acumen, the highest-earning agents have positioned themselves as key figures in the global football landscape, forever shaping the careers and financial destinies of the world’s greatest players.


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The above is accurate as at 17 July 2023. The information above may be subject to change.

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