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Opinion still seems divided whether the coronation of King Charles III should proceed on May 6. Last year Reuters reported a YouGov poll finding that 41% of those aged 18 to 24 thought there should now be an elected head of state, compared to 31% who wanted a king or queen, writes David Little, a partner in our Corporate and Commercial Law team.

That was a reversal of sentiment from 2020, when 46% preferred the monarchy to 26% who wanted it replaced. The survey of 4,870 adults found 53% of those aged between 25-49 supported keeping the crown. Amongst those aged over 65, 81% backed the monarchy, almost unchanged from three years’ ago.

King Charles III, just like his late mother Queen Elizabeth II, is keeping his given name which is in contrast to the other regnal names of monarchs past.

The last time a British monarch changed their name was in 1936, when Queen Elizabeth II’s father, who was born Albert Frederick Arthur George and called Bertie by friends and family, chose King George VI as his title to honour the memory of his father, King George V.

Before him, his elder brother Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David, called simply David by his family, was crowned King Edward VIII.

Meanwhile, King Edward VII, who was on the throne from 1901-1910, was born Albert Edward and he too was called Bertie by his family and close friends. His mother intended him to be crowned Albert I, in honour of her beloved husband, but he defied her and honoured his grandfather’s name instead.

His mother, Queen Victoria was originally named Alexandrina Victoria, after her godfather.

So why hasn’t Charles III chosen a more up to date regnal name? After all Charles I was beheaded, and Charles II his son was known as the ‘Merry monarch’ on account of his salacious lifestyle.

According to Google, based on ‘sources across the web’ the most popular boys names today are: Oliver, Noah, James, Jack, Leo, Henry, Thomas, Benjamin, Charlie, George, Arthur, Ethan, Lucas, Michael, Liam, David, Logan, Mason, Sebastian and Dylan.

I think had Charles put out to popular vote what his regnal name might be Dylan, Logan and Ethan might have been more popular choices.

For my part I think he’s missed a great opportunity to enshrine a Dai to history.


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