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As the cost of living continues to mount spare a thought for parents about to send their children to school. Whether it be independent or state school the cost of school uniforms and games kit just continues to rise, writes David Little, a Partner in our Corporate and Commercial department.

Labour MP Mike Amesbury who headed a campaign for new guidelines on the expense of school uniforms told ITV News some schools have their “heads in the sand… there are far too many items that are branded,” Mr Amesbury said. The list includes branded blazers, caps and even socks.

He makes a good point.

If the government’s looking to ‘level up’ Britain surely it can’t be in anyone’s interest to put the same burden of costs on poorer parents compared to those on higher salaries.

The National Association of Headteachers even told ITV News that some schools may have to reduce the support they give pupils from low income homes due to their own budget problems.

School days may be the happiest of our lives – but nobody said they were the cheapest.

Might it be that the cost of school uniforms could unify the country as one for a change? Why do they have to cost so much? No child ever likes wearing one. No parent ever likes having to pay for one.

All power to Mr Amesbury.

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