Representative of Overseas Businesses

Representative of Overseas Businesses

If you are an overseas business without a base in the UK, it is possible to send a representative to the UK in order to establish a branch of your business here.

In order to qualify for a visa under this category you must have no branch in the United Kingdom and the representative must be a senior employee who will be making operational decisions on your behalf to establish a branch carrying out the same business activity as your overseas business.

It is additionally possible for employees of overseas newspapers, news agencies or broadcasting organisations to be posted on a long-term assignment under this category.

Our services

Our Immigration lawyers can assist you with your application for entry clearance or leave to remain as a Representative of an Overseas Business. We can assist with:

  • A consultation to advise on the relevant requirements and documentation required
  • Initial applications from outside the United Kingdom
  • Extension applications
  • Applications for indefinite leave to remain
  • Appeals against any negative decisions
  • Applications for permission to apply for Judicial Review where there is no right of appeal
  • Any other advice or assistance that you may require

What should I do now?

If you are an overseas business and you require assistance with making any type of application for a visa under this category, our Immigration team can provide you with quality legal advice to achieve the best possible outcome.

For initial advice or to arrange a meeting with one of our Immigration team, please contact us on 020 7631 4141.

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