Bishop & Sewell Established 40 years

Background to The Gerbera visual identity and our strapline

‘Beautifully straightforward legal advice’

A distinctive visual language has been created that is both simple and elegant which represents both the relationship and straightforward legal advice clients experience when dealing with Bishop & Sewell. By focussing on the primary colour Orange (supported by Pink) to take the brand forward, the beautifully simple and elegant flower – the Gerbera – is used as an analogy and striking visual language.

Gerberas are truly stunning flowers with their rich colour and distinctive upright appearance. It’s quite a unique structure which displays elegance and stability. They are not overly fussy and their single long stem makes them stand tall over many other flowers.

Gerberas have several meanings but all lean to happiness because they represent purity, modesty, friendship and vibrancy. Gerberas always turn towards the sun and they are also the birth flower for the month of April and coincidentally that of our Senior Partner.

The brightly coloured orange Gerbera represents feelings of warmth and creativity. Giving an orange Gerbera to someone expresses a message of friendship and kindness.

The Gerbera stands out as a distinctly bright and vibrant specimen. With its bold and striking appearance, the Gerbera has become the most highly-prized and valued daisy variety.

Orange is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, sunshine, enthusiasm, success, encouragement, change, determination, health, stimulation, happiness, enjoyment, balance, freedom, expression and fascination. It is a distinct, vibrant colour.

Gerberas are also available in pink.