Bishop & Sewell

Ossie is a Partner and Residential Property Team Leader

Ossie Swaine joined Bishop & Sewell in 2000 (with a full head of hair) and specialises in the sale and purchase of high value central London properties. He has a formidable reputation in this sector and is well known to many agents and solicitors, having built up an excellent working relationship with them over many years.

Ossie prides himself on being able to build up a rapport with his clients quickly by being able to explain and advise accurately and clearly in relation to all aspects in this area.



  • Shiplake College, Henley-on-Thames
  • LLB, Thames Valley
  • College of Law


  • The Law Society

About Me

My interests: outside work I enjoy tennis (playing to club level), swimming, water-skiing and acting, particularly in musical drama.

Alternative career choice: things may have turned out differently had I been offered a second callback for a West End musical I auditioned for many years ago during my lunch break!

My first job: working in Burberrys on Regent Street. In those days a cashmere Burberry scarf cost £39 as opposed to today’s prices of £350!

Who would play me in a movie: that’s easy, anyone whose head is a smooth as mine – which can only be Bruce Willis.

Two luxury items I would take with me on a desert island: that would be a good beach towel and flare!