Bishop & Sewell

Maisie is our Mindfulness & Wellbeing Officer

Maisie is a Golden Doodle and is a graduate of the University of Crufts and bi-lingual in both English and ‘Wooflish’.

She works part-time in the Residential Property team alongside her owner, Ossie, and also provides relaxation exercises in the afternoons for staff.

A 2016 survey found that 82% of employees feel a greater sense of loyalty to pet-friendly companies, 88% think pets at work improve morale and 86% say they reduce stress.

When asked to sum up her role, Maisie said:

“If someone’s feeling a bit down or stressed out, they usually come and see me. Just five minutes patting me seems to perk them up. It’s also an excuse to take me out for a walk and get some air. I especially enjoy attending meetings. Humans are messy eaters and I usually find bits of biscuit on the floor!”.

Maisie has even made it into The Times Law Diary ‘Blooming marvellous’ in October 2019.


  • Crufts University


  • Dogs Trust
  • PETA

About Me

I enjoy going for long walks and playing hide n’ seek with my owner.