Bishop & Sewell

Our corporate team has considerable experience in acting on mergers and acquisition transactions. Having worked in both national and international arenas, we have exposure in and understanding of a wide range of sectors. Whether a disposal, acquisition, merger or takeover, we deliver a fully project-managed service.

With our entrepreneurial client base, we have specific experience in the area of management buy-outs and buy-ins. These are notoriously difficult to bring to a successful completion, mainly because the management team has to negotiate with its employer and because the funding can be difficult to obtain. Our extensive experience allows us to select the correct tactic at each stage of the transaction, thereby increasing the chances that your deal will complete successfully.

How We Can Help

Whatever the nature of the deal, at the outset, we will help you to agree the terms of the transaction, which is likely to involve the preparation of non-binding heads of terms. We then assist in the due diligence process, issuing or answering the detailed questions required, in order to uncover any liabilities and risks that may affect the transaction or the deal value.

We also prepare and negotiate the contract, which may include an indemnity in relation to undisclosed tax liabilities and warranties. We handle the further disclosure of pertinent information to help reduce the chance of a claim against you for breach of warranty.

We have extensive negotiation experience and always aim to reach an agreement that satisfies our client. We draft or review all the required documents and support you all the way to completion.

Irrespective of whether we are dealing with mergers & acquisitions for a small, private company or a mid-sized public company, we help clients in our own uniquely friendly, yet efficient and professional fashion.