Bishop & Sewell

Whether you are growing your business or downsizing, this will inevitably result in changes to the way that the company is structured.

Restructuring Your Company

Company restructuring covers two broad areas:

  • Restructuring the share capital and ownership of the company
  • Restructuring the directors and management of the company

Often shareholders (or ‘members’) and directors within a company will be the same person, but the processes of changing these are very different, and have different implications and considerations.

Ownership Of The Company

We can assist in the following areas of share ownership:

  • Share issues and allotments
  • Share buy-backs
  • Buying and selling shares
  • Share swaps
  • Charging shares
  • Preference or redeemable shares
  • Transfer and reclassification of shares
  • Dividends

Management Of The Company

We can assist in the following areas of company management restructuring:

  • Appointment of directors
  • Resignation of directors
  • Director’s service contracts
  • Restructuring and redrafting Articles of Association
  • General corporate governance and company secretariat advice

For companies looking to grow, we can also advise on financing by share issues or debt finance (equity or debt finance), including debentures and charges and providing the required legal framework for loan security.