Bishop & Sewell

Whatever project you are planning, whether it be a variation of existing terms and conditions of employment, an outsourcing exercise or the creation of a staff body, or redundancy, our extensive experience can help you.

We will advise you on all the options open to you – even the ones that you haven’t thought of. We will highlight the common employee issues that arise and propose solutions that have been tried and tested in the past or that would be better suited in the circumstances.

We listen to the reasons for reorganising and potentially making people redundant and can help you create efficient roll-out programmes to help make the process as easy as possible to complete.

Ultimately a Tribunal’s role is to police unreasonable approaches. We will help ensure you can demonstrate genuine reasons for your proposed actions and then follow a fair procedure.

Our lawyers are particularly experienced in advising on multiple redundancy situations and those relating to business transfers and changes in service provider (TUPE).

Our Restructuring & Redundancy lawyers will work with you to find solutions, advising on:

Whether a redundancy situation arises as a result of restructuring

Strategies for approaching redundancy

Consultation with affected individuals

Consultation on a collective basis, as required by statute rules

Election of employee representatives

BIS notification

Selection pools, criteria and processes

Statutory and contractual redundancy payments

The inter-relationship between TUPE and redundancy

Restructuring & Redundancy Solicitors