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Freehold acquisition, or “collective enfranchisement”, is a group activity whereby a number of leaseholders in a block can come together to purchase their freehold. It is also a highly technical and specialised process, in which we have extensive expertise that sets us apart from other property law firms.

The full requirements and benefits of collective enfranchisement, as well as a broad outline of the process, are available in summary in our comprehensive Buying Your Freehold guide (request your free copy today by completing the form to your right, or emailing

Naturally, we always take care to identify and address any specific technical points unique to your individual case.

How we can help you buy your freehold

Our service includes

  • Initial advice about whether your building qualifies for collective enfranchisement
  • Checking and reporting on the legal title to assist your surveyor
  • Helping you with valuation advice in the early stages of the collective enfranchisement application
  • Advice regarding, and if necessary drafting, a “participation agreement” setting out how the collective enfranchisement costs will be borne amongst the participants
  • Drafting and serving the necessary notices
  • Referring, where necessary, any dispute about value to the First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber)
  • Advising in relation to the ownership and use of any relevant basement or vault

We know our way around the enfranchisement process better than most, from initial consultation all the way through to successful completion. Between us, our team has over 50 years’ experience with this type of work.

Alongside our legal expertise, we can offer plenty of practical guidance and the assistance needed to ensure that your claim does not lose momentum (which is often challenging when coordinating a group of leaseholders, large or small).

We might also be able to help you identify an investor, if needed, to fund any gap in the cost of buying the freehold, or a surveyor suitable to undertake the valuation work.

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