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The Building Safety Act 2021/2022 has been through a number of changes since it was first drafted in response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Given that this issue has caused misery to so many leaseholders, we have been following the development of this bill closely, along with building safety and cladding issues more generally.

In February this year we saw a change of tack as the government tabled a number of amendments intended to make the building industry pay for some building safety remediation costs. These amendments now mean that freeholders will meet some of the costs of non-cladding safety issues in buildings over 11m in height and that leaseholders should not pay for cladding costs in buildings over 11m.

The government has also set aside large funds to remediate cladding in buildings of over 18m in height. In its recent amendments, the government has also proposed the removal of the proposed role of the ‘Building Safety Manager’.

As this Act becomes law, we realise that issues concerning building safety have very significant real world economic consequences for thousands of leaseholders, which is why we have chosen to address them in this edition of our Leasehold Question Time.

In this session, hosted by our Senior Partner, Mark Chick, Justin Bates of Landmark Chambers will provide us with an overview and we will answer some frequently asked questions as part of our general discussion.

The session is free to attend, but delegates must pre-register; please register using the link below:

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We look forward to welcoming you to the event

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