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Mark Chick will be chairing the Leasehold Enfranchisement – 2022 Virtual Conference being held on 22nd February by MBL seminars. This is a conference for legal professionals. 

Mark Chick our Senior Partner regularly speaks and writes on Leasehold and other legal issues.

Other speakers at this event include; Richard Murphy from Richard John Clarke Surveyors and Mark Loveday from Tanfield Chambers.

The afternoon session is entitled ‘Commonhold: The Scope of Reform’ will be chaired by Mark Chick and will look at a reminder of the basics of commonhold and then go on to consider the key areas needing reform.

The government is moving ahead with its plans for the ‘reinvigoration of Commonhold’ following the Law Commission’s recommendations published in July 2020. The Commonhold Council has been established and MHCLG is consulting with the property industry on what needs to be done to make Commonhold fit for purpose. Given that a reinvigorated Commonhold is now very likely to be a feature of the future legal landscape; more a question of ‘when’ not ‘if’, – what needs to be done to ’fix’ it and how far down the track are we with this.

For further details of the event, timetable and other speakers, please visit MBL Events.

MBL is a leading provider of learning and development programmes for professional service firms.

If you have a query concerning leasehold property, then please contact our expert team by emailing or call on +44(0)20 631 4141. 

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Category: News, Events | Date: 17th Feb 2022

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