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Our Head of Landlord & Tenant, Mark Chick, is a long-standing Honorary Consultant with the Federation of Private Residents’ Associations (FPRA).

This week, Mark is taking part in an “Ask the FPRA” event, wherein its members are invited to submit questions and receive free legal advice on the issue of Consents under Leases — including alterations.

The session, which is being held online for FPRA’s 500 members, will address questions such as what level of leaseholder agreement is needed before a variation can take place, and what does and what does not require approval when it comes to common parts.

The webinar is open to members of the FPRA but will be available online on the FPRA’s website in due course.

The Federation of Private Residents’ Association is a not-for-profit lease advice, support and lobbying organisation for private residential leaseholders, tenants’ and residents’ associations, Residential Management Companies and Flat Management Companies.

Mark Chick is our Senior Partner and Head of the Landlord & Tenant team at Bishop & Sewell. To discuss any of the issues raised in this article or leasehold matters generally, please email

The above is accurate as at 11 January 2022. The information above may be subject to change during these ever-changing times.

Mark Chick Senior Partner   +44 (0)20 7079 2415

Category: News, Events | Date: 11th Jan 2022

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