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Leasehold Solutions Limited & Leasehold Valuers Limited

These companies have ceased trading and have written to their clients indicating that they have appointed insolvency practitioners with a view to putting the companies into liquidation. This may affect many clients who are using their services.

For further information see our FAQs below.

I am starting out on the process – what should I do?

You should deal with us directly. Do not return any forms or payment to Leasehold Solutions / Leasehold Valuers or the Leasehold Group. We will arrange to liaise with you to find a suitable valuer and to co-ordinate with others similarly affected.

I have served a notice what happens now?

We are awaiting the counter notice, once this is received negotiations will need to commence. As Leasehold Valuers can no longer do this, we will arrange for the appointment of a suitable valuer.

My case is in negotiations – what will happen?

As Leasehold Valuers can no longer do the work on your behalf we will need to arrange for the appointment of a suitable valuer to carry out the negotiations for you.

We will work with you and the other affected members of your group to ensure that there is wherever possible there is a collective instruction to maximise the efficiency of this. If you wish to select your own valuer you would be welcome to do this, however we would recommend a joint instruction wherever possible to ensure that there is consistency of approach in the negotiations and that there is no scope for conflict between cases (for instance if some settle and others do not).

I have paid funds to Leasehold Solutions – what happens?

If those funds have not been paid to us, we may need to ask you to pay these to us directly and to seek recompense via the liquidator of the company. Particularly, if funds are required to be able to complete, we may need these urgently. Even if there may be scope to get these from the liquidator, it is unlikely that these will be received promptly. There is also unfortunately, the very real possibility that these funds may not be available either in whole or in part.

Will I pay the same fees?

We aim to honour wherever possible the fee agreements that we have entered into with you in relation to co-ordinated or larger matters. However, as may be appreciated where cases are dealt with without a co-ordinator or on an individual basis our fees may need to change to reflect additional work done on your behalf. However, in most cases we do not anticipate that our fees will exceed those that we indicated we would charge together with any fees that you would have paid to Leasehold Solutions.

In relation to valuation work, we cannot speak for the valuer here and it will depend on whether the valuer can do the same or very similar work for the fee level that Leasehold Solutions originally indicated to you. Whilst we cannot guarantee this we will seek to ensure that wherever possible any valuer that we introduce can work at a fee level that is similar or identical to that which you would have been paying were Leasehold Valuers instructed to do the work for you.

My case has completed – how does this affect me?

If you have paid for your lease extension and or freehold purchase and the work has been completed by us, then it is likely that there is nothing further that you need to do. We will deal with the registration of your title and we will write to you directly once registration has completed, bearing in mind that the Land Registry is subject to substantial delays (around 6 months plus at present). If you have an urgent situation – such as a pending sale or other transaction that you can show documentary evidence for then please contact us as we may be able to get the Land Registry to expedite your case.

In overiew – what is likely to change?

The main change is that we will have direct contact with you. Please do bear in mind that where we are in contact with a large number of people it may be necessary to send out BCC email updates to you to keep you informed as to progress. We may also where appropriate set up a dedicated contact email address for any particular project so that your questions can be efficiently dealt with by the team working on your case.

Any questions?

We are writing to all affected clients – please be patient as this will take a few days and we are also prioritising cases based on urgency in relation to statutory deadlines. However to contact the team dealing with your case please email

And finally, what if I am not currently a client of Leasehold Solutions or Leasehold Valuers but I was going to instruct them, what should I do?

Please email us at and our team of experts will be able to help.

Category: News | Date: 1st Apr 2021

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