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Earlier this week Danniella Westbrook the former EastEnders actor announced on social media that six years after separating from her businessman husband, Kevin Jenkins, their divorce was now ‘confirmed.’

“Your divorce is now complete,” she posted on her Instagram account.

It is incredibly frustrating as a divorce solicitor to see stories like this reported in the press omitting accurate facts. If Westbrook has secured a ‘decree nisi’ then they are not divorced.

The decree nisi is simply the first stage at which a Judge considers the petition for divorce. If however she has a decree absolute, which is granted at least six weeks later as the final order of divorce, then she is divorced.

I’m disappointed the tabloid media didn’t pick up on this. They report that Danniella and Kevin separated in 2014 after thirteen years together, and go on to publish entries from Danniella’s Twitter account.

This week, after six years apart from her husband, she bared her soul on social media (excuse the spelling):

“Well that was a long & happy chapter of my life 19 years married too Kj and can honestly say not only do we share the most amazing child we shared many happy memories laughs lessons and love.

“I married a great man together we over come so much we held each other up & lived a beautiful life, he showed me the world & I couldn’t off chosen a more hardworking happy man to marry.

“And just as children grown up and move away so sometimes sadly does love &friendship & no matter how hard you both try its just unfixable.

“Life is too short 2 just make do and it takes a love and respect for each other to say good bye & turn rhe page. I have nothing but respect for my ex husband & wish him nothing but love blessings health wealth & happiness as today seals the end off our marriage.” [sic]

Last year however on Twitter she was a little less sympathetic and more direct: “So it’s the 23rd of August, which can only mean one thing. A very, very happy birthday to my darling husband Kevin. And I have the perfect present for you. How about we get a divorce?

“After 19 years and his constant cheating and him miraculously now suddenly broke after selling his company for millions I think ok to ask for a divorce after 5 years of separating and asking for one [sic].

“I don’t want and never have wanted money or a house or car just the paper signed.”

Danniella Westbrook may have received an email saying her divorce was now complete. Let’s hope it was a decree absolute she actually received.

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The above is accurate as at 22 July 2020. The information above may be subject to change during these ever-changing times.

The content of this note should not be considered legal advice and each matter should be considered on a case by case basis.

Category: News | Date: 22nd Jul 2020

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