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We all still coming to terms with the sudden loss of Louie.

He was highly vocal, a force for good, a campaigner, and a political animal – someone who galvanised a significant number of interests including politicians, the media and lots of ordinary people to campaign for leasehold rights. He didn’t agree with everybody, but he was always prepared to listen to their views.

There is certainly a page in history written down for Louie.

It was a pleasure to know him, to work with him (and against him!). He was never one to take anything lying down and he had so many different facets to his life. Not just as a campaigner in the leasehold arena, but also as a family man, the owner of a record label and a DJ – he was a man of many, many talents.

Those of us who knew him, know that he could tell you a good story at any time of the day or night. He was a passionate and captivating speaker.

Louie was a leader with a forceful, but caring style and he lived his life to the full.

He will be sorely missed, but his legacy in terms of the changes, the campaigning, and the longer lasting changes in the law will live on in his name.

Louie we will all miss you, you were taken from us far too soon.

Mark Chick, Chris Macartney and the leasehold team at Bishop & Sewell.

Category: News | Date: 23rd Jun 2020

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