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Mark Chick of the Landlord & Tenant team spoke at the ALEP Spring lecture on Thursday 5th March 2020. This year’s lecture focused on the subject of ‘missing landlords’ -i.e. what to do if you want to buy your freehold or extend your lease and the freeholder is missing. Other speakers included Sir Peter Bottomley MP along with barristers Piers Harrison, Mark Loveday and Nicola Muir from Tanfield Chambers, Anna Favre from Cripps PG and Henrietta Hammonds from Beckett & Kay.

If you would like to know more about buying your freehold or extending your lease in a situation like this then the Landlord & Tenant Team at Bishop & Sewell have a number of leading specialists who can help with this. To find out more email us at and or email  contact Chris Macartney who is a specialist partner in our L&T Team.

Category: News | Date: 6th Mar 2020

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