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In celebration of our 40th Anniversary, we introduce a new Brief Encounter series of Q&A features to learn more about the individuals that make up the Bishop & Sewell team, why they chose law for a career and their personal experience of working in the legal sector.

Today we highlight Charlie Davidson in our Residential Property team:

What made you decide on a career in the Law?
When I was at school, they made us all undertake career aptitude tests. All mine came back as solicitor or barrister. So, I started looking into this and the more I found out the more I liked the look of this. My parents thought it would be a good career path for me, so they were deeply supportive. Add to all this a passion for the Ace Attorney video game series, and I was pretty much hooked.

What is your position and what do you do on a day-to-day basis?
I am a solicitor in the Property team, dealing with residential and commercial property. A normal day is normally split between advising clients (landlords, leaseholders, companies etc) on discrete pieces of Property law.

The rest of the time I am managing and advancing my caseload of transactions. This could mean acting on the sale of a central London flat or buying a large piece of rural land in somewhere-shire for development.

Lots of emails, lots of reading and a terrifying amount of coffee.  

What is the best and worst part of the day for you?
The best part of the day is when, finally, we get a transaction across the line for the client. Telling a buyer that they now own their first home is always a personal favourite of mine.

Sorry to say that the worst part of the day is when a matter is just not progressing. This could because of the others in a transaction are being difficult or you find yourself railing against large faceless bureaucratic monsters who steadfastly refuse to give you the information you need to properly advise your clients. 

How long have you been in this role and what brought you to this area of law? 
I’ve been qualified as a solicitor since October 2017, but I’ve been dealing with conveyancing since January 2014. I’ve always had a passion for property and being able to bring this to a legal setting was a match made in heaven. 

What have been your favourite/important cases (anonymised if necessary)?
This year; my favourite has been buying a large house with 5+ acres of land from the Crown Estate for a lovely married couple. Reviewing the original conveyancing papers from the early 1900’s was a treat, as was being able to get my clients the right to run a business on the land. 

Last year; acting on my mother’s sale. Always fun saying “Love you too” on the phone in an open plan office …

What are the key qualities necessary to be successful in your role?
Attention to detail and a keen analytical mind is a must. Ultimately; you will be dealing with people, so courtesy and patience go a long way. 

How would you describe your career so far overall and what are you most proud of? 
I have been extremely fortunate to work at some great firms; being trained by Fisher Meredith and being kept on by Bishop & Sewell after the merger in 2017. Being surrounded by such legal luminaries can only make you want to up your game.

If I had to pick what I am most proud of, it is that I am the first in my family to go to university and the first ever professional. The Davidson clan was exceedingly proud when I was admitted onto the roll of solicitors.

What advice would you give your colleagues who are just starting out in their legal careers? 
I’m a mentor for a few people who are studying the LPC/GDL at the University of Law, and this is what I tell them: This can be a hard, and sometimes, deeply stressful job. Unless you have a real nerdy passion for the law, best look for something more fulfilling.” 

What’s your favourite ‘legal’ television drama or film/movie and why? 
Boston Legal. Dress like Denny Crane, lawyer like Alan Shore. 
Charlie is a Solicitor working in our Residential Property team. You can view his profile here …

Category: News | Date: 5th Jul 2019

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