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MBL Seminars will be hosting a further three sessions of Karma Hickman’s popular seminar on ‘immigration issues arising from international surrogacy arrangements’.

A growing number of couples unable to have children of their own are now turning to surrogacy and the UK’s restrictive laws in this sector are pushing many to seek help abroad.

However, bringing a surrogate-born baby back into the UK is a legal minefield. Practitioners must navigate the complexities and contradictions of citizenship, immigration and family laws in at least two different jurisdictions, all while dealing with anxious new parents who are often involuntarily resident in a foreign country.

This seminar will provide practitioners with all the tools needed to advise intended parents on the best way to bring a surrogate-born child back to the UK in a variety of situations. It will cover key legislation and guidance, as well as providing delegates with practical information on procedure and pitfalls to avoid immigration issues.

A London date is scheduled for 5 July, with the same course running in Birmingham on 27 September and Manchester on 8 October. Information and course booking details can be found here.


Immigration issues


Karma will also be delivering a seminar on ‘the complex financial requirements that applicants need to meet when applying for a partnership visa in the UK’.

The Home Office’s rigid provisions on how to meet the financial requirements of Appendix FM are undoubtedly the commonest reason for partnership applications to fail – often unnecessarily.

In many cases, such applications are refused not because the couple can’t meet the requirements, but because they have failed to comply with the specific evidential demands of Appendix FM-SE. In other scenarios, appropriate advice on timing can make all the difference.

This course aims to provide delegates with a full understanding of the exacting and often confusing demands of Appendix FM and Appendix FM-SE, as well as familiarity with the relevant guidance.

It will benefit anyone advising on applications for entry clearance, leave to remain and indefinite leave to remain under Appendix FM. Delegates will be assumed to have a basic understanding of the Immigration Rules and some familiarity with the general provisions of Appendix FM.

Information about the course, which takes place in London in January 2020, can be found here.


For advice on making a visa, immigration issues or nationality applications or in relation to immigration matters more widely, please contact Karma or another member of our Immigration Team on 020 7631 4141 or email

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