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Last week we attended the Care after Combat Summer Ball to help raise money and support the charity’s mission to help veterans and their families make a positive transition from military life.

The money raised at this Care after Combat charity event makes a helpful contribution to the overall amount being raised to support veterans with alcohol and substance misuse problems along with helping to reduce the number of veterans re-offending in the criminal justice system.

“Our troops have fought a succession of battles over the last 50 years. Some veterans are still fighting those battles. We hope to get them feeling better, and ready to continue with their lives.”   CARE AFTER COMBAT

Care after Combat Care after Combat Care after Combat Care after Combat

A big thank you to Charlie Davidson for suggesting and arranging our attendance at this Care after Combat event.

So far this year we have also supported The Great Legal Bake, International Women’s Day, Little Haven’s Hospice and The London Legal Walk.

See our CSR pages for more news about the other charities and causes we support.

Category: News, Events | Date: 19th Jun 2019

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