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In preparation for the inevitable eventuality of my pet human and owner wanting to contract out his dog walking obligations, I have worked closely with my colleague Michael Kashis, Head of Corporate & Commercial, on the following draft agreement for such a service.



Agreement for Dog Walking Services by Letter

Dear [Name]

I write to confirm our ‘dog-walking’ agreement.

From Monday to Friday of each week you will walk our [description] dog [dog’s name] for not less than [half an hour’s] walk at whatever time suits your convenience between [time] and [time].

[Unless we expressly agree it, you may not walk any other dog (or) you may walk not more than one other dog] at the same time as [dog’s name].]

We will give you a key to our house so you can collect and return [dog’s name] and for no other purpose. You will keep the key safe, not let anyone else have it or copy it and will return it to us whenever asked.

We will pay you at the rate of £[●] per [walk (or) half hour] in cash weekly in arrears. [We will leave your week’s pay in an envelope for you to collect each [Friday (or) Monday for the previous week] (or) We will pay you each [Friday evening (or) Saturday morning] when you will come to the house].

You will keep [dog’s name] on a lead whenever out of the house, will take care so far as you can, both that he is not a nuisance or danger to any one or any other animals, and that no harm comes to him. We will supply a plastic bag and small shovel which you will take on all walks to ensure that [dog’s name] does not foul any public or private place.

Each of us will give the other at least one week’s notice of holidays or any other change of arrangements for dog walking.

You will inform us of any incident or anything you notice about [dog’s name] which, as dog owners, we ought to know.

This notice can be terminated by you or us by not less than one week’s notice having effect on a Friday.

If you agree these terms, please sign the acknowledgment at the end of the enclosed copy of this letter and return it to us.

Yours sincerely



Dog Walking Services

I acknowledge receipt of the above letter and agree its terms.



(Adapted from Kelly’s Legal Precedents)


If you need contractual advice or help in drafting agreements for all types of Corporate & Commercial matters, please contact Michael Kashis or another member of our expert Corporate & Commercial Team on 020 7631 4141 or you can email

Category: News | Date: 27th Feb 2019

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