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The Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab told the BBC that the UK intends to safeguard the position of EU citizens in the UK even if a no deal agreement is reached.

He said: ‘We hugely value the contribution of EU citizens here in the UK and I am confident that in the unlikely eventuality that we don’t have a deal, we will move swiftly to secure their position.’

No deal agreement

His statement is particularly important since there has been a focus on a no deal agreement in recent weeks. Dominic Raab mentioned that the UK has a ‘moral obligation’ towards EU citizens established in the UK and intends to agree on a partnership between the UK and the EU which respects the single market.

no deal agreement

Although this news is positive, in relation to the future of EU citizens in the UK, there is still uncertainty as to how this position would be maintained in the event of a no deal agreement.

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