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There were articles in the press recently about divorces and the rather large order made in the case of Camilla and Gerard Versteegh. The husband is described as “a property tycoon” as well as in the initial proceedings heard before Sir Peter Singer.

Camilla, was awarded £51 million plus company shares. It is thought that the total package amounted to £90 million, whilst she had been seeking a package worth £116 million, which included a substantial amount in cash. Camilla’s lawyers argued on appeal that the initial award was too low. The net effect of the award meant that the husband had been left with 57.5% of the matrimonial assets.

Camilla’s appeal was dismissed with the judges saying that she should not be entitled to more as she had signed a pre-nuptial agreement, which she fully appreciated the implications of. Apparently she only required £22 million for her needs and therefore the initial award had given her far more than she was strictly entitled to under the terms of the pre-nuptial agreement.

I’ve not yet read the relevant terms of the pre-nuptial agreement that was signed, but if it restricted Camilla to a claim for her reasonable needs, then surely this must be a generous award.

The case involved vast amounts of wealth including a West London property worth an estimated £62 million and the judges accepted that this couple had benefited from a “truly exceptional” standard of living before the marriage broke down in 2014.

According to the article in the Metro the couple had spent more than £4 million in legal costs.

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