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I have promised myself that I will watch each episode of The Split which is BBC1’s shiny new legal drama diligently, try hard not to fault the actual legal bits they get wrong, and blog non-legalistically about it all, so here goes.

I really do rate Nicola Walker as an actor. She has morphed from a spook, to a police officer and easily and expertly into a glamorous and sophisticated solicitor. She alone is reason to watch the show.

The Split show itself depicts a rather bizarre scene near the beginning, in which a husband chooses to make the (clearly unexpected) announcement to his wife that he wants a divorce, in front of two shocked solicitors. The wife’s shock and pain is palpable and real. It gets worse when she realises that the reason he is leaving her is because he has started a relationship with one of her friends, and then even worse when she discovers the husband has paid for some cosmetic surgery for his new lady!

Also in this first episode of The Split, we are exposed to the heartbreak of a child embroiled in his parent’s issues which is a ubiquitous theme in our work. In this we are able to see both sides and understand just how easy it can be for parents to forget what really matters whilst they are arguing with each other. I expect we’ll see a lot more of that.

The clothes, shoes and offices are gorgeous, the husbands horrible, but most noticeable are the glaring possible conflicts and unprofessional behaviour.

I’m looking forward to Episode 2.

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