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A new divorce form, introduced by the government to make the legal process more user friendly, inviting the writer to ‘name and shame’ is causing concern amongst family lawyers.

Divorce form

The government’s new divorce form – which invites the writer to “name and shame” – could lead to more people being accused of adultery, lawyers say.

The newly-designed divorce form, used to apply for a divorce in England and Wales, asks for the name “of the person your spouse has committed adultery with”.

Family lawyers say that, in most cases, involving a third party adds “conflict and complexity”.

The Ministry of Justice said there was “no obligation” to name people.

Lawyer Margaret Heathcote, vice-chairwoman of family law group Resolution, is one of those concerned about the divorce form.

Generally speaking, we don’t name the third party. It increases the conflict from day one,” she said.

There’s no need. But because the box is there, the indication will be to fill it in.

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