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New visa fees will come into force on Thursday 6 April, without any warning on the part of the Home Office.

These visa fees are set to increase across the range, sometimes substantially, in all categories including entry clearance, leave to remain and nationality, as well as for certain premium services.

Although the Home Office always hikes fees at this time of year, in the past it has announced the changes some months in advance and usually goes through a consultation process before finalising any increases.

This year, the fee increases were quietly laid before Parliament on 3 April, with no advance warning or official announcement.

The change will take effect almost immediately but the exact date will depend on the type of application and where it is being made from.

For example, individuals applying to extend their leave to remain by post will have until Thursday to get their applications sent off but those applying for naturalisation will need to get their forms in the special delivery post by Wednesday.

Applicants using premium service centres who have already made and paid for their applications should not be affected.

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Fee increases vary

Some of the application fee increases are significant, such as those for indefinite leave to remain, which have increased by £422 to £2,297, while some are less worrying, such as naturalisation applications which have gone up by just £46 from £1236 to £1282.

Individuals seeking leave to remain based on marriage, private or family life will see a £177 increase from £811 to £993.

The Home Office has yet to formally announce the increase or publish the new fees on their website but the increases can be found in tables contained in the Regulations laid before parliament here.

For more information please contact our Immigration team on 020 7631 4141.

This article originally appeared on the Fisher Meredith website in April 2017.

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