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The Home Office have published a document setting out the changes it intends to introduce to visa, immigration and nationality application fees in the coming year.

Most visa categories will see minor upward changes, but application fees in categories that lead to settlement, residence and citizenship will rise by a whopping 25%:

Current fees 2016/2017 fees
Leave to remain £649 £811
Indefinite leave to remain £1500 £1875
Naturalisation £1005 £1236
Registration for minors £749 £936
Entry Clearance – Settlement £956 £1195

Note that those applying for leave to remain are required to pay an Immigration Health Surcharge of £500 in addition to Home Office fees, an amount which is also currently the subject of review.

Annual Home Office fee changes usually take effect in line with the tax year each April. If you or your friends/relatives intend to make a visa, immigration or nationality application (particularly in one of the categories mentioned above) and you currently meet the requirements under the immigration rules, it would be prudent to obtain advice on whether you are eligible to submit an application before April 2016 in order to avoid having to pay the higher fees.

For advice and assistance on making a visa, immigration or nationality application or for any other immigration enquiry, please contact our Immigration Team on 020 7631 4141.

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