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As reported elsewhere, ALEP (the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners) has submitted its response to the government consultation on the planned introduction of fees for Enfranchisment cases in the First Tier Tribunal (‘FTT’). A copy of the response can be seen below.

Mark Chick, an ALEP director and member of the Advisory Committee said:

“It will be interesting to see how government responds to this consultation. The evidence obtained by ALEP shows that the initial fee proposals (£2000 for a hearing as a flat fee) do not properly take account of the nature of many enfranchisement applications which are protective in nature. Personally, I hope MOJ will pause long and hard before introducing fees in this way which would impose a ‘flat tax’ on all tribunal users and take no account of case value, or indeed the volume of cases that progress to a final hearing – which is much more likely on a Service charge case, where the current (and proposed) fees are much more modest.”

For a link to the ALEP response click here.

To find out more about ALEP click here.

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Category: Blog | Date: 15th Oct 2015

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