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The government has announced a consultation on the planned introduction of leasehold application fees and hearing fees in the First Tier Tribunal (‘FTT’) which would include enfranchisement cases and service charge applications.

For further details of this consultation which ends today (15th September 2015) see:

Fees have already been introduced in the employment tribunal with a degree of debate over this. ALEP and a number of other bodies have submitted responses to the government on this. Mark Chick, ALEP director and partner at Bishop & Sewell made this comment:

“The introduction of tribunal fees for leasehold reform applications – lease extension and freehold purchase risks denying access to a viable remedy for leaseholders in a number of situations, particularly where the landlord holds out waiting to see if they will apply to the tribunal. ALEP has produced a very detailed response to these proposed changes and a number of practitioners have made comments about how introducing leasehold application fees / hearing fees of £2,000 may simply increase the amount that tenants will pay their freeholder to ‘buy’ a settlement of their case. We will have to wait and see how the MOJ responds to this, but I for one hope that they will take account of the representations that have been made.”

leasehold application fees

For further information and comment leasehold application fees  see the response published on the ALEP website and also the personal commentary by Mark Chick that appears at

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