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Members of the firm’s Leasehold Reform / Landlord & Tenant Team attended the Landlord & Letting Show at the Barbican on 25th/26th February 2015. Chris Macartney, Faye Trull and Rebecca Mignogna all answered questions from investors and delegates.

Mark Chick gave two talks; one entitled ‘What to look for when buying a leasehold property as an investor’ and another on the topic of ‘how to add thousands of pounds to the value of your leasehold property without picking up a paintbrush.’ Both were well-received and stimulated a lot of interesting discussion.

For further details of the Landlord & Letting Show see:

If you were present and would like to follow up on any queries from the show, or were not able to speak to us on the day but would like to contact the team to discuss any property related matters please email or telephone 020 7631 4141 and ask to speak to a member of the landlord and tenant team.

Category: Events | Date: 27th Feb 2015

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