Resealing Grants of Probate

Do you need help collecting assets in England & Wales where the deceased died domiciled abroad?

In general terms, this applies to the situation where a person has died while living in a foreign country, but some part of their estate is within England or Wales. A Grant of Probate may have been granted by the foreign country but that doesn’t mean you can collect the English assets using that same Grant.

Under certain circumstances, there is an option for the English court to ‘reseal’ a Grant of Probate obtained in the foreign country where the deceased was domiciled. This avoids the need for the executors to apply for a fresh grant to release any assets such as funds, shares, or property held in England & Wales.

If you hold a foreign Grant of Probate (or Letters of Administration) and need it to be recognised under English law, then ‘resealing’ the Grant may be the easiest option.

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