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How we work…

We may be expert lawyers, but we are approachable. We will always be on your side in any employment dispute. We often act for individuals and so we understand that:

  • a workplace dispute can become an intensely personal and emotionally draining experience;
  • you are thinking of engaging in quite a complicated an unknown process;
  • you are also thinking of using a lawyer, where you might not have had experience of doing so before.

In our view, this is a tall order for any individual and so we have built an entire law firm around your needs.

Advice in plain English

When we advise you:

  • we will do it in a short, easy-to-understand way;
  • we will explain what your options are, relative to your goal(s);
  • we will not sit on the fence when advising you what to do;
  • we will do so in a way that is cost-effective, using systems designed to save you money.

‘Difficult’ gets diagrams

When things get complicated, we use diagrams to explain things. It’s the easiest way to understand what process you face or what options you have. This saves the time and cost associated with lengthy written explanations – and helps you to understand what you need to know in order to take informed decisions.

Advice trusted by senior players and major companies

Our lawyers often work for individuals. All our lawyers have over 10 years experience in advising workers and employees at all levels, from shop floor workers to Heads of Banks.

In addition, in the past our lawyers have acted for major companies.

We mention this to give you reassurance that you are getting the same quality of advice that has been regularly relied upon by: Royal charitable institutions, NHS Trusts, major tobacco companies, household name retailers, various insurance companies and a leading Japanese car manufacturer.

With litigation advice provided by trained tribunal advocates

We only ever employ trained advocates to advise and represent you. It makes a difference.

Lawyers that a prepared to conduct the case at hearing leave nothing to chance when preparing a case. Their ability to sense what a Tribunal will demand of you to prove your case is greatly heightened. This means you get a sharper lawyer and a better prepared case.

Proud to be cost-effective

We think this is part of our job. Our long-standing experience in this industry has bred an incredible efficiency in how we deliver advice and organise litigation.

Transparent on fees – keeping you in control at all times

We are completely transparent on all our fee arrangements. We have even broken down most fee arrangements in a diagram format which explains what is payable, when – and explains what you receive from us for your money.

We promise to estimate costs for you when we write to you. As part of our service, we will provide you with a cost-benefit analysis, which sets out the options open to you when proceeding with this matter, the likely cost and any particular risks that you should bear in mind.

We update this assessment at certain points to make sure that you stay in control and make informed decisions about what you want to do.

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